Ancient Aliens & Ufos

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Ancient Aliens & Ufos

These pictures reveal the ancients had knowledge of other types of Beings and Visitors from the stars, many of whom were known as the ancient gods. They also correspond to the descriptions of aliens and ufos being reported today in sightings and alien abductions, such as greys, reptilians and the nordic blondes.

Eye deity - Ancient Sumeria

Igigi - Ubaid period Sumeria

Female reptilian-like deity with child, Ubaid period 5000BC Mesopotamia

Eagle headed deity - Mesopotamia

Igigi from Eridu Ancient Mesopotamia


Eye idols - Tell Brak, Syria - circa 3500 BC

Pazuzu deity Mesopotamia

Mimi spirits - Burrungguy NT Australia

Gangi Nganan-the first Mirriwung men, Keep National Park Australia

Aboriginal cave painting Cape York Australia

Unusual heads of entities Mesopotamia

Ancient Egyptian wall panel with grey

Close up view of the grey on the wall panel

A Grey on an Egyptian tomb wall panel, Egypt

Algerian cave painting circa 6000 BC

Aboriginal Wandjina dated to circa 3000 BC

Strange eye deities

Four headed god, Mesopotamia

Winged Anunnaki god

Anunnaki gods

Kheker frieze showing star patterns and winged serpents

Two terracotta figurines from Ur, Ubaid period early 4th millennium BC

Japanese Dogu statue of ancient astronaut circa 1000 BC

Small tablet showing a reptilian being - Mesopotamia

Greys on an ancient tablet with a winged disc above - Mesopotamia

A grey with a winged being - Ancient Egypt

A god flying in a winged disc - Assyrian

Ancient gods flying in a Vimana (aerial flying machine) carved in stone - Ellora caves, India